About Anthony “Tony” Hartman of Dallas

Anthony Hartman DallasA board of directors member for several private companies, Anthony “Tony” Hartman of Dallas, Texas, possesses considerable experience in business management. His expertise in this field includes business development, management consulting, and engineering turn-around strategies for a number of firms. Additionally, Anthony Hartman has lectured for professional associations and conferences in Dallas and beyond, such as the Society for Enterprise Engineering Science and the Institute for Operations Research and Management.

Mr. Hartman previously served as a captain in the U.S. Air Force where he oversaw technical engineering operations for 150 Minutemen II nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles. He was also appointed Air Force Officer of the Quarter at Ellsworth Air Force Base in 1986. His exemplary service earned him numerous commendations, medals, and awards, including a U.S. Air Force Achievement Award and an Air Force Commendation Medal.

In his spare time, Tony Hartman enjoys skiing, hiking, and traveling. He is also a black belt in karate and holds an aviation license to pilot private aircraft.